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  • Steven did a very thorough inspection and I was quite pleased with his work. Is there something you were really impressed with? After the inspection, Steven returned to my house with specialized equipment to get a more thorough look at my crawl space - at no extra charge.

  • Stephen was very through, he took his time & explained everything to my clients.

  • Steven was very kind and helpful during the whole process, and produced a useful and detailed report

    ADAM S
  • Steve is extremely knowledgeable and patient in answering questions. He knows his stuff and takes time to provide a great inspection. Will happily refer to friends.

    TIM C
  • Steven Schroeder was our home inspector. He was knowledgeable, thourough, and very helpful in helping us inspect the house we were purchasing. He was personable, and we trusted him. A very enjoyable experience that left us feeling confident and relieved in our purchase. Thank you.

    KATIE & AL
  • Our home inspector was Steve Schroeder. He was knowledgeable and did a thorough job. He explained everything to us clearly and had a finalize report ready for us just several hours after the inspection. Would highly recommend!

    ROB C
  • Steve did a home inspection for us in Winnipeg prior to his move to Guelph. Steve showed up on time as promised, explained what he was going to do, and was able to answer all of our questions. He pointed out a few small things we could do to preempt concerns from potential home buyers, provided a verbal summary prior to departing, and an exhaustive written report via email shortly after his visit. We highly recommend Goldeye Home Inspection!

  • Steve did a building inspection of my home late last year. He was very thorough. He identified areas of concern I wasn't aware of and outlined a list of things that needed to be done, basically in order of importance. The timing was good because I had time to do the most necessary things before winter. The report was detailed and clear. He also did an infra-red light analysis of my home which showed where the possible moisture or heat escaping areas were. Very interesting and useful, particularly.

  • Steve did a very thorough inspection of our house and other structures. He went through all the rooms, including the attic and took a lot of pictures of what he was looking at. He explained what he was looking for and what was good or not so good about what he found. At the end of the inspection, he went through his report with me and then sent the report in an electronic format which is convenient for future reference. Very professional inspection!

  • Our home purchases in the past did not include home inspections so I was not sure what to expect with the inspection by GoldEye Home Inspection. What we got was an extremely thorough inspection of our home from top to bottom which revealed several items while minor needed to be addressed. Steve answered all of my questions explaining them so any home owner could understand. The completed report was very professional in appearance and in content and for any home owner, a valuable tool in the mark.

  • Steven did a very thorough job of the attic, basement and every room and explained what he was seeing as we went along. He showed me things that I did not know were problems. He did not confuse me with technical jargon, but explained any words that were new to me. I appreciate the time he took to make sure I understood everything that would be going into the report. The report was accurate, clear and thorough. Thank you and I will recommend your company to anyone who needs an inspection.

  • It was my first time buying a house and going through the home inspection with Steve at GoldEye Home Inspection was a very positive experience. He is very thorough and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions on the spot. The report he produced after the inspection was a wealth of information. I highly recommend Steve for all your home inspection needs and will gladly use him again in the future!

  • We found Steve very personable and professional. He was able to accommodate a very accelerated schedule of ours and provided the expertise we needed to make a decision. I would recommend him and his company.