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Kitchener, Waterloo, Burlington

I’m Steve Schroeder, President and Home Inspector of GoldEye Home Inspection Ltd. We are a Guelph Southern Ontario based home inspection company providing Home Inspection and Infrared Thermography services in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding communities in Southern Ontario.

Founded in 2014, GoldEye Home Inspection provides you with clear, unbiased and no nonsense information about your home to help you make confident real estate buying, selling and renovation decisions.

I have served in a variety of roles outside of home inspection over the years which have served me well in providing a scientific approach to every home inspection I perform today.  One key role was when I was a Health Products Inspector for Health Canada where I have worked with the public, manufacturers, Canada Border Services and retailers assessing compliance with legislation relating to the production, marketing, importation and sale of marketed health products and natural health products.

“Goldeye Home Inspection enables you to make confident Real Estate buying, selling or renovation decisions.”

Steve Schroeder, President, Goldeye Home Inspection Ltd


A graduate of the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program and the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Field Training Program. Steve has studied to learn the specific skills needed to be an effective home inspector. In addition, He has been trained as a Building Investigations Thermographer (Level 1 Certified-Infrared Training Center), in radon testing (C-NRPP) and working with asbestos (Pinchin Ltd). He has a B.Sc in Chemistry/Microbiology and brings his scientific approach to home inspection. He has worked hard to develop the specific skills and procedures needed to provide you with the most focused home inspection you can find.


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